Council Products and Services


Council Projects Underway

Efforts are underway to computerize all council operations. Currently we are using the following:

• PASTEL Accounting in the Accounts, Administration and Planning Departments.
• Belina for Payroll administration.
• Internet – Can communicate with clients via email.
• Wide Area Network – We are connected with our sub offices through Wide Area Network.
• Website – We are finalizing the establishment of a Council Website where all information on council operations will be stored.
• Ecocash – We are now an Ecocash biller and clients can pay their council bills through Ecocash.
• Payserve – We are using Paynet for processing payments.
Kerry bridge construction -ward 12
Charlestne bridge construction -ward 14
Nyakasikana School construction -ward 12
Wheelerdale clinic construction -ward 21
Muvande School construction -ward 15
Ushewokunze School construction -ward 5
Msasa School construction -ward 18
Bwoni clinic construction -ward 3
Alicedale market construction -ward 15
Guzha market upgrading -ward 1
Dema market upgrading -ward 2

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