Manyame RDC seeks to provide sustainable and accountable local governace

Welcome to Manyame Rural District Council
Our main reason for existing is to provide sound commendable quality socio-economic and infrastructural development, maintenance, planning and management through innovated services for total empowerment of our citizenry. This is Manyame Rural District Council.

Manyame Rural District Council is totally committed to the provision of quality services to its residents and ratepayers. To this end it has come up with a Client Service Charter which was developed following extensive consultations with key stakeholders. The Client Service Charter outlines some standards of performance which define the minimum level of service that clients should expect from Council. It also stipulates the vision, mission, core values, functions as well as obligations of Council to its public.

Feedback mechanisms that clients can use are also given. Through this charter, we seek to empower our various clients when they want to access our services. We look forward to your maximum co-operation so that we can be able to give you the best possible service.

To be a Council with socially and economically self-sufficient communities by 2020.
To provide sustainable and accountable local governance
Team work : co-ordination, co-operation and commitment Transparency : openness and zero tolerance for corruption Accountability : building trust through transparency Innovativeness : Dedication to divergence and creativity Client orientation : Serving with diligence and courtesy
- Infrastructure development and rehabilitation
- Provision of health, education and social amenities
- Provision of portable water
- Provision of waste management services
- Provide sound land management services
- Promotion of Agriculture
- Revenue mobilization and generation
- Sound local governance
- Sound human resources management

Accolades to Date

Local auhtority of the year 2018

Winner - Local auhtority of the year 2018

Leader of the year winner 2018 CEO

Leader of the year winner 2018 CEO - Manyame RDC

Best display - Harare Agricultural Show-2018

Best display in the local authority category at the Harare Agricultural Show-2018

Road maintenance category award 2018

Road maintenance category first runner up award 2018

Silver category - gender issues-2018

Silver category in the centre of excellence in gender issues-2018

local authorities - Provincial Show - 2018

Second best category in local authorities - Provincial Show - 2018

Gender in the rural category-2018

runner up in gender in the rural category-2018

Ease of doing business

  • Building plans, leases, cessions, trading licences approved within 5 days
  • Stands allocated within 5 days after approval of layout plan and pegging of stands
  • Communal land permits processed within 5 days
  • Clients served within 5 minutes of arrival
  • Refuse collected once a week
  • Calls answered within 30seconds